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Mow Money Solves Problems

Mow Money: A Necessary Evolution

Start out as just a kid, a push-mower, and a dream. . .

In the summer of 2016, Lit was released for the iOS platform and made huge strides in the growth of 3 Monarchs as a brand and a company. The game shocked users with its uncanny logistics and revolutionary play-style. Lit made strides in the Indie game community and on social platforms such as: Instagram, Gamebrew.io, Twitter, Indie Game Launchpad, etc.,. Just three months later, it is of utmost necessity to innovate, and do it bigger and better than ever before…

Push, Test, Innovate
Push, Test, Innovate

So we set out on an endeavor to create a game that fills a large gap in the mobile consumer market. This thought process is what led to the concept of Mow Money, and how it will be a bridge across all demographics and types of players. Low-poly, three-dimensional graphics that paint a picture of playful simplicity will be the style. Furthermore, it is a game of progression, empire-building and arcade fun. A minimalist art style with a never-before-seen sub-genre of gaming. Mow Money takes the idea of a realistic, relate-able concept (that of a young middle class kid starting a landscaping business), and turns it into a lively experience filled with rewarding mechanics and surprises.


. . . it is of utmost necessity to innovate, and do it bigger and better than ever before. . .

Humble beginnings surround you at the beginning of the game, with houses for miles around just waiting for you to… mow their lawn? Create, build and advance your very own landscaping company to become the next big empire. You can hire neighborhood employees and increase revenue to buy better mowers and move to more expensive neighborhoods. Get into turf wars with rival businesses and claim the land as your stake. Your empire score is a combination of all money, turf wars and employees gained. It is the final judge in how your business is succeeding.

Create, build and advance your very own landscaping company


Get into turf wars with rival businesses and claim the area as your stake.

 In Mow Money, it’s all about getting better and bigger, while  defeating rival enemies that cross you. It  epitomizes what 3 Monarchs has done and believed all along.

Mow Money has a new proposition to its followers and fans to allow beta testing for those who wish to evaluate progress of the project and give input to the development process. For periodical updates on the game, please follow Mow Money on Instagram.

Block Hopp Piques Interest

Simplicity Strikes

Throughout the history of video games, the best installments have consistently had the most complex graphics and cutting-edge mechanics that have never been traversed before. However, at some point in the digital age, this pattern was discontinued. On the mobile scene, games with purely good mechanics and addicting concepts began to run rampant and take over the charts. The new release, Block Hopp by Top Gen, makes no mistake in hitting the minimalist movement square in the bull’s-eye.

Top Gen captivates an audience
Top Gen captivates an audience
Easy to Start, Hard to Stop!
Easy to Start, Hard to Stop!

Top Gen makes it apparent that they may have modeled their graphics after preceding hits, however adding their own unique gameplay mechanics gives the game an attractive twist that invites potential players to try and try again! The longer your finger is holding the block correlates to how far the block is launched. This dynamic creates an opportunity for the player to get a feel for the physics of this game’s “universe”.

The Wrap-up

Although very linear and seemingly lacking depth (which is one of the few complaints one can have) can hinder the experience at times, it is also Block Hopp’s strength, as it adds to the highly addictive aspects of the project. Ultimately, the way Block Hopp blends in to the “simple games” genre is accurate enough to resonate with the mobile crowd, however it has enough features and good mechanics to differentiate it from previous installments of a similar kind. A very solid title with a lot of potential, Block Hopp is more than adequate when taken at face value and may do some big things down the road.

Down the Road...
Down the Road…

Wasteland Cowboy Building Hype

As the Social Media era takes full effect, games and ideas of all variants are able to be noticed at an astronomical rate like never before in recorded history. A game that takes full advantage of this period in society and technological advancements is none other than Wasteland Cowboy, a soon-to-come 2-dimensional platformer. At first glance, a concept

Amazing Concept Art for the Cowboy
Amazing Concept Art for the Cowboy

such as this may seem underwhelming with only snippets of gameplay and no release date. However, the apparent lack of detail is advantageous in complementing the mystique surrounding the upcoming title. Screenshots on the game’s Instagram are intriguing and have a great sense of knowing how to draw potential players in.

The lone Renegade of the wasteland
The lone Renegade of the wasteland

With over 8,000 followers on Instagram and (quite obviously) a growing internet presence, Wasteland Cowboy is certainly on our radar and should be a big mobile title to watch down the line.