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The ‘X’ Factor

Throwing up the 'X', from gameday to gameplay
Throwing up the ‘X’, from gameday to gameplay

What is Gameplay Exactly?

As we all know, there is an apparent hierarchy that is intertwined into the game market. Some games, putting opinions aside, are just better than others. Objectively, there a few parameters that may suggest how good games are made versus the sloppier titles. To the naked eye, it is easy to tell graphics apart, along with visual polish that accompanies aforesaid artwork. Interfaces and menus, as well as controls, are vital components in the play-ability of a game. However, the single, most important factor in a game is the gameplay. Gamplay determines the final verdict of the game and is ultimately the game itself. Gameplay is the flow, capabilities and limitations, as well as the very soul of the title. It is what the player does, can do, and even the player itself. However, if it is so important to the life-blood of the game, why aren’t developers clamoring to create new concepts and revolutionary aspects at a faster pace? The answer is unbeknownst to me, as I believe that with every game installment, studios should push the limits of what their respective platforms have seen and have to offer.

Gameplay is the flow, capabilities and limitations, as well as the very soul of the title.

Today, the gaming industry has different genres where developers cater their games towards, which is unfortunate and bears a huge burden on creativity. Instead, developers need to push the limits on what a game could be, or adopt a new gameplay aspect in order for their project to be conceived as an adequate title to download.

. . .push the limits on what a game could be, or adopt a new gameplay aspect

Gazing into the past of the industry, we notice trends that successful games almost perpetually followed. From Mario to Street Fighter, games that have made big waves throughout the market have been innovators that made big strides in gameplay and were revolutionaries for various genres. In summary, those looking to make money in the  industry must focus on fun, innovative gameplay above all attributes of the title. Otherwise, the project as a whole may have no impact in thrusting the industry forward, and as a result, will get the little recognition a cookie-cutter game deserves.

Pixel Assassin Aims to Kill the Charts

One Small Step for Graphics

Games today come in all sorts of variants, ranging from incomplete ideas to finished projects. Lately, the trend of 8-bit and 16-bit platformers have been prominent in the market. [Enter Pixel Assassin]

One Giant Leap for Storytelling

Proclaimed by the developer as a game set in a fantasy world, Pixel Assassin is making an attempt at changing what we think about story narration and morals as a protagonist. As stated by the developer, Pixel Assassin is “. . . set in medieval fantasy world where you work for an evil God”. I believe this to be a creative change of pace for an industry that – despite many innovations – still has a lot of predictable plots with bland endings.

16-bit portrayal
16-bit portrayal
A potential role-player of the game

Although garnering a decent following, Pixel Assassin is still in progress and does not attain a release date, which may attribute to the free-flowing development style that the owner displays.

Overall, Pixel Assassin is ambiguous in its goals, however is an intriguing mobile project to look out for in the near future.

Check out their Twitter here

Block Hopp Piques Interest

Simplicity Strikes

Throughout the history of video games, the best installments have consistently had the most complex graphics and cutting-edge mechanics that have never been traversed before. However, at some point in the digital age, this pattern was discontinued. On the mobile scene, games with purely good mechanics and addicting concepts began to run rampant and take over the charts. The new release, Block Hopp by Top Gen, makes no mistake in hitting the minimalist movement square in the bull’s-eye.

Top Gen captivates an audience
Top Gen captivates an audience
Easy to Start, Hard to Stop!
Easy to Start, Hard to Stop!

Top Gen makes it apparent that they may have modeled their graphics after preceding hits, however adding their own unique gameplay mechanics gives the game an attractive twist that invites potential players to try and try again! The longer your finger is holding the block correlates to how far the block is launched. This dynamic creates an opportunity for the player to get a feel for the physics of this game’s “universe”.

The Wrap-up

Although very linear and seemingly lacking depth (which is one of the few complaints one can have) can hinder the experience at times, it is also Block Hopp’s strength, as it adds to the highly addictive aspects of the project. Ultimately, the way Block Hopp blends in to the “simple games” genre is accurate enough to resonate with the mobile crowd, however it has enough features and good mechanics to differentiate it from previous installments of a similar kind. A very solid title with a lot of potential, Block Hopp is more than adequate when taken at face value and may do some big things down the road.

Down the Road...
Down the Road…