About 3 Monarchs

LogoIn the wake of an app store full of re-branded titles, and games born from the ‘model and improve’ strategy, 3 Monarchs decided to create games from passion and original ideas alike. Founded in the Fall of 2014, 3 Monarchs has come a long way in every aspect of mobile game development. More than two years later, they have released 5 games (each one better than the last) between the Apple iOS and Android platforms. These games span across various game categories including: Arcade, Puzzle, Action, Runner, Sports, Platformer, etc.,.

The latest release was also the company’s most ambitious title, LitSpreading across many countries, social mediums, and game promotion sites, Lit has certainly captured an intriguing feel for the game. However, putting aside metrics, acclaim, graphics, and various other attributes, Lit is a fun game.

While being a simple concept, fun is not necessarily easy to achieve, nor is it common in today’s mobile game industry. Although this is unfortunate, 3 Monarchs realizes this and is dedicated to staying away from the money-grabbing tendencies of bigger developers, and keep a keen focus on why we play in the first place: FUN.

UPDATE: The next game from 3 Monarchs, Mow Money, has officially started development and will become the next title in the lineup. Mow Money focuses on simple, crisp graphics with just the touch of style that draws a player in and truly evokes a casual, fun experience. Build a landscaping business into an empire by mowing your way to the top and vanquishing the competition!

Simply Fun