Pixel Assassin Aims to Kill the Charts

One Small Step for Graphics

Games today come in all sorts of variants, ranging from incomplete ideas to finished projects. Lately, the trend of 8-bit and 16-bit platformers have been prominent in the market. [Enter Pixel Assassin]

One Giant Leap for Storytelling

Proclaimed by the developer as a game set in a fantasy world, Pixel Assassin is making an attempt at changing what we think about story narration and morals as a protagonist. As stated by the developer, Pixel Assassin is “. . . set in medieval fantasy world where you work for an evil God”. I believe this to be a creative change of pace for an industry that – despite many innovations – still has a lot of predictable plots with bland endings.

16-bit portrayal
16-bit portrayal
A potential role-player of the game

Although garnering a decent following, Pixel Assassin is still in progress and does not attain a release date, which may attribute to the free-flowing development style that the owner displays.

Overall, Pixel Assassin is ambiguous in its goals, however is an intriguing mobile project to look out for in the near future.

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